Monday, August 1, 2011

Chicken Vol-U-Vents

Ok -- first of all, don't ask me how this is pronounced because my French is not good. Translated, this is simply- Chicken in puff pastry shells.

My mother loved to cook. When I was small, she bought a lot of the those Good Housekeeping cookbooks. I got married, she moved and left me the cookbooks. So, this is one of those recipes from this (vintage) cookbook. a classic french dish.

The puff pastry I used was the store bought kind. I bought mine from Santis. In the picture on the cookbook, the puff pastry was a lot bigger than this. I just have to figure out why mine was so small. Maybe I have to double the pastry sheet I used.

Well, anyway, my husband said the taste was delicious. My kids also loved it. If you dont' have puff pastry, you top this on rice and it would be fine.

Here what you'll need:

2 oz butter ( 2 tablespoons)
4 oz button mushrooms (1/2 cup)
1.5 oz flour (about 1 tablespoon)
4 oz cooked diced carrot (1/2 cup)
400ml milk and chicken stock mixed (1 3/4 cup)
1 1/2 cup cooked chicken cubed (the water used for cooking can be used for the sauce)
salt and pepper (to taste)
paprika or nutmeg (a pinch)

Melt the butter and fry the mushrooms and pepper until soft. Stir in the flour and cook for 2-3 minutes. Add the carrot (the flour is to make it thick later)
Reduce the heat and stir in the milk and stock gradually. Bring to a boil and continue to stir until thickened.

Add the chicken and heat through stirring. Add salt pepper and nutmeg, stir in sherry
For those using the store bought puff pastry:

defrost one sheet of puff pastry as per directions (mine said 10 minutes at room temperature)

get a big mug and a small mug (to make the circles)

measure the big mug on the puff pastry and cut with a knife.

measure the small mug inside the big one and cut (but not through) to make a smaller circle.

Transfer to baking dish, brush with egg wash  and bake at 200C for 10 mins or till golden brown
Mine turned out like this----
it's kindda flat- but tastewise it  was ok....
take out the centers and then fill them with the chicken mixture...
went overboard with the styling.. pepper fever!

And eating is the best part!---
Really rich and gooey chicken/ cream mixture. The kids ate the carrots and mushrooms (can you believe?) and they hate vegetables!

Hubby had seconds and thirds..... I was glad I had ready made puff pastry! (not in the mood to make mine from scratch- I can tell you that)



  1. this is like Verleo's Chicken Pastel! it really looks delicious!!!

  2. thanks! I think you can put this in a dsh and top with the puff pastry and you would have that chicken pastel