Saturday, June 25, 2011

YouTube Killed TV

I've always been teased by my sisters and friends that I have too much stuff going on in my life. Apart from my day job, which is working for our family clothing business; I am also a Philippine tour guide; I am a graphic designer; alas, I am also a speed dating events organizer. haha. I'm pretty sure that's about it. -- oh wait! now I have a food blog! haha

Recently, i have found a new hobby! Something I have always been interested in: Baking! As a child, my favorite TV show has been Del Monte Kitchenomics, just after the noon time show. I remember I prepared this terrible salad with raisins and mayo (terrible!) and my mom had to force a smile and a "mmm!" haha just not to hurt my feelings.

As a teenager, my favorite channel was the Lifestyle Channel in Sky Cable. Now, I find myself enjoying TV shows such as Junior Masterchef Australia, Cake Boss, intrigued with Last Cake Standing, Top Chef among others.

In this day and age, TV in our house seem to be so passe, my dad is the only one left who watches TV without lugging around a laptop. I for one, growing up as a TV addict was cured by... *drumroll* YOU TUBE!

I know, it's not a cure, but it's a cure for me! haha I don't have to wait a week for the next episode of the shows that I like; I don't need to bother with all the commercials (except for those annoying pop up ads) which you have no choice but to watch.

You can also watch back episodes of whichever show; you can hear people talk about something controversial, search it in YouTube and you get it in video; you don't need to wait for your local news to show it, just search and play.

I especially enjoy watching different "channels" in YouTube wherein the stars themselves produce their "shows." Great YouTube success example is the make up guru, Michelle Phan. I have been watching her since she was filming her tutorials in her bathroom, in her parents' house, and now she is a make up artist for Lancome Paris, and is now an official STAR all over the world, especially to Asian girls who has small almond shaped eyes.

Another YouTube Channel I especially enjoy is Laura in the Kitchen. She is an Italian woman who lives in America. She was originally from Naples, her family used to have a restaurant but now, she is a YouTube sensation as well. What I love about her is that she teaches you step by step how to make something, and she ALWAYS make it sound so easy; and the truth is, it is!

One more thing I love about YouTube, since the stars are also the producer, the writer, the editor and all of the above, they make the show as long as they want and as short as they want! There is no pressure for them to fill in the precious air time. and thus giving them creative freedom to produce great videos.

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