Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

There's this Chinese dish that I have always loved when we went to Chinese restaurants; it's this whole chicken stuffed with glutinous rice... and when you sink your your spoon into the chicken, you'll realize that the chicken was cooked to tender perfection and you'll be able to scoop a spoonful of that rice with a bit of meat and skin... it's like lasagna but with chicken and rice.

Ok, enough with the day dreaming, and onto cooking! *wipe drool* haha

I got this recipe from YouTube as usual. This was actually the first dish I ever made in my oven! Here is the recipe; but here is MY recipe:

400 g Bacon, less salty
½ cup onions, chopped
½ cup oyster sauce
2 cups fresh shitake mushrooms, sliced
4 cups cooked rice, malagkit + regular rice 1:2 ratio
1 pc whole boneless chicken

Render the fat from the bacon until brown, if the oil isn't enough add a bit of cooking oil. Stirfry the onions and mushroom into the pan. When everything looks a bit cooked, add the oyster sauce and then dunk in the cooked rice. Stir fry mix well, make sure every bit of rice is covered in oyster sauce, add more if necessary. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Get your deboned whole chicken which has been washed and cleaned. Close the hole where the neck is with a toothpick so the rice won't ooze out from the other end. Start stuffing the rice into the chicken and gently pushing all the rice into pockets inside the chicken until the whole chicken is bloated with rice. Secure and close the butt of the chicken using the excess skin and tooth pick again (make sure to use bamboo toothpicks, they're more sturdy).

Coat the chicken with soy sauce to give the chicken that glossy brown crispy skin and then salt and pepper to taste.

Place the whole chicken into the oven, make sure to line it with aluminum foil. Bake at 350°F for 25 minutes or until done (depends on the size of the chicken).

Voila! Mushroom and Bacon Rice Stuffed Chicken!

and when you slice into it:

After deboning the chicken, you got these left over bones, don't throw them away, boil it with a few cups of water until the flavor comes out, and then use that water to cook your rice! So you'll have chicken flavored rice instantly!

I used shitake mushrooms because I like the flavor better instead of button mushrooms as used in the original recipe and I also added the oyster sauce to make it more savory. I like it how the chicken breast is very moist and soft after baking it, I'm not sure what the secret is but I've cooked this twice and it's always been moist. haha

I don't like using butter stir frying the rice mixture because the butter gives this flowery aroma that doesn't really go well with Chinese cooking, so instead I used the good ol' cooking oil.

That's about all the editing I did to suit my family's taste, feel free to revise it too! :)



  1. yes, humility aside, it was very good. hehehe so we finished it haha