Saturday, October 8, 2011

Salmon fillets with Maitre D hotel butter

Of course we love salmon. By the sheer number of salmon recipes posted so far, you can tell we love cooking with this fish.
flaky with the butter all melted......

Usually, the other lady (meaning Candie) posts about salmon. so this is my first salmon dish to date. So far we have Farfalle al Salmone,   and Salmon en Croute 

This dish looks complicated (or sounds complicated) but really, it was a breeze to cook. You only need 4 ingredients and you are good to go.  

I was in the market doing my weekly buying trip when I saw these salmon fillets. thought maybe I could try to do something with them. As I have said before, my mother is a frustrated cook. I inherited a very old cookbook from her called POL MARTIN'S SUPREME CUISINE (I don't think she ever cooked anything from it) I haven't opened this book for years and decided to browse for a recipe there.

You'll need:

MAITRE DE HOTEL BUTTER (you can make only half of this)
225g (1 cup) butter softened
30ml    chopped parsley
5 ml chives, finely chopped
few drops of worchestershire sauce
few drops of tabasco
salt and pepper

4 salmon fillets
150g seasoned flour (1/2 cup) - seasoned flour is just flour with salt and pepper in it
30 g butter (a small slice)
5 ml vegtable oil
4 slices of maire d hotel butter

 - mix the ingredients of the maitre de hotel butter in a food processor. You can also do this by hand if you want-- just make sure the butter is soft enough. Spoon butter along center of foil and roll into cylindrical shape. twist ends shut and put in fridge to harden
(this butter will keep up to 3 months and can be used to top steaks and other seafood)

- season fish and dredge in flour; set aside
- heat butter with oil in frying pan over medium heat. when add, add fillets abd cook 6-8 minutes depending on thickness. Brown both sides
-- in the cookbook, you have an option to finish cooking the fish in the oven. I thought it was an extra step which could be skipped so I just continued pan frying it till done.

-- place a slice of the butter on each fillet and serve. (this will melt)

you can serve this with a side of grilled vegetables or as what I did, with what I had available (which was stir fried beans)

one tip: make sure your fillets are of even thickness throughout. If it is thicker on one side, better trim it to an even thickness or else you might get one side that is too well done while the other is a bit under cooked.

In asian cooking, we get a notion that if you are cooking with seafood, you ALWAYS use ginger... to get the fishy smell out... so, I was frankly skeptical on how this would turn out and if my husband would complain about it being MALANSA (fishy). However, I am not sure if it was the seasoned flour or the butter, but it tasted very clean. not fishy at all.

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