Thursday, October 6, 2011

Baked Ham and Egg with Custard

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast, I enjoy cooking breakfast the most.  I love breakfast so much, that my dad and I are a part of a Sunday Breakfast Group, consisting of him and me. haha

On the weekday, I spend my breakfast with my mum.  She's so picky with food that sometimes she just eats bread and her nutritional drink.  She also has alot of constrictions in terms of food, so therefore, looking for a healthy alternative for breakfast is a challenge.

I found this great recipe from Sorted!  They are a group of young men from the UK who cater their videos to college students, teaching them how to cook and eat healthy.

Today's dish is like Ham and Egg Sandwich but with a twist from Sorted!

You'll need:

butter (100g)
8 slices of white bread
couple of fresh tomatoes
sliced ham (150g)
3 large eggs
milk (350ml)
chunk of whatever cheese you have (100g)
salt and pepper
handful of mushrooms

and this is how to do it:
  • soften the butter and use to spread over the sliced bread then remove the crusts. 
  • brush the base of an oven-proof dish with a little butter too. 
  • slice the tomatoes and ham and grate the cheese. 
  • half the bread slices into triangles and arrange into the buttered dish, layering with the ham, tomato and cheese as you go. 
  • beat the eggs into the milk and season well with salt and pepper. 
  • pour over the bread and leave to soak in for 10 minutes whilst pre-heating an oven to 180°C. 
  • grate a little extra cheese over the top of the pudding and bake for 35 minutes until golden and set. 
  • Serve with some sauteed mushrooms.

You can see their format in their website is very straight forward, if you still can't catch up, you can check out the video too :)  This recipe is quite hard to mess up, it was delicious because you can't go wrong with ham and eggs but the texture was nice and soft! :)


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