Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lamon Mamon

Mamon - the filipino sponge cake. Its soft buttery texture is in the dreams of overseas pinoys and locals alike. It so popular, I would always bring boxes of a dozen pcs to my suppliers in Hongkong and Thailand. (they really love it). It has become so popular that I saw someone open a shop in Thailand named MS. MAMON - and they also call it mamon ( although I doubt if they taste as good as ours)

You have to forgive me on this post because I posted A LOT of pictures of the mamon in different angles. (I was just so happy to be successful on the first try). This recipe is from the pinoyfoodblog. click HERE for the printable recipe

It turned out really fluffy. The taste is similar to Goldilocks but I think the next time I would try this, I would reduce the orange extract. One thing about pouring the batter, you should really butter the pans really well. I think I did not butter it enough (the bottom was kind of sticking). maybe I would try to pour some melted butter in the bottom.


Folding in the egg whites... I made sure to fold 1/3 of the egg whites at a time ( I learned this technique from a show by ALTON BROWN), it lessens the delflation of the air in the eggwhites. I am always nervous when folding eggwhites though, because I always think I don't fold it in the right manner. (sponge cakes being very delicate and all). I tried to fold it in as fast as I could (but correctly-- see video by alton) and pour it in the molds.

As you can see, I ran out of mamon molds (available at chocolate lovers) so I had to use a cake pan. Actually the cake pan looked like a very big mamon mold! ...on further introspection, I think you can even put this into cupcake cups (mamon cupcakes!!)

The mamon was really fluffy when it came out and kind of settled as it cooled. I brushed the butter on as it was cooling for better absorption. I also topped some with cheese (as per request of hubby). the brushing of the butter on top REALLY adds to the flavor. But then, butter always adds flavor. (hahaha)

I googled mamon and the calorie count per piece is 210. (aargh)-- sorry I don't think we can substitute the ingredients

Can you just eat one? 

PS: made this again and reduced the orange and lemon extract by half. It tasted better. I also used big paper liners (like for cupcakes but mamon size) -- I actually forgot I had them in my drawer. I bought them a long time ago at GOURDOS. - (one of my favorite specialty stores that sell pans, glasses and anything you need to cook or bake). the paper liners made everything easier. I did not need to clean molds nor get stressed about how to wrap the mamon to give to my friends. I just put the whole mamon in liners in boxes ( these I bought at CHOCOLATE LOVER).

Hope you enjoy the recipe.!

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  1. what do you call that liner and what's the size?thanks :)