Saturday, October 15, 2011

Emboti-do it right!

Embotido is Bangus (milk fish) de-skinned whole, cook the meat and stuff it back in the fish skin.  It actually sounds brutal, but what can you do?  It's delicious!

This is one Filipino dish that's quite easy to do, if you don't need to de-skin the fish yourself.  You can have that done in the market! :) So here's what it looks like, much like rubberized fish.

Take all of the meat of the fish, make sure to pick out all the bones, stir fry them in a pan until almost cooked, set aside.  Stir fry some onions, until they're translucent, red bell pepper, also add a some raisins and soften them, and add back in the fish meat.  Ground the fish meat til it's all flaky.  Season with salt and pepper.

Traditionally in an embutido, you hard boil and egg and get the yolk and mash it in the mixture, but the quicker and easier way is just to put in the yolk and stir it in the mixture until cooked.

let the mixture cool down and stuff the mixture back into the fish.  Make sure to stuff it real tight so that when you slice it, it won't break apart too much.

Now after you've stuffed and sealed the fish, wrap it with aluminum foil and then fry it.  This is to protect the skin from sticking to the pan, but I guess a non-stick pan will do the trick.

Serve and eat!  Kain na!


  1. This is one of my favorite dishes. Because firstly, bangus is delicious. Secondly, there's no hassle of removing the tiniks before eating it. Thirdly, balat pa lang, ulam na. :)

  2. hi Rence! yeah thats true, sarap kumain ng walang distractions haha, and yes, balat palang, ulam na. even when we cook daing na bangus, we remove the scales so that we can eat the skin, with non-stick pans now, life is so much easier!