Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pancake Parfait

How to cook a perfect pancake.

This blog post is more of a technique rather than a recipe.  We all have our favorite brand or recipe for pancake but I learned this way of cooking pancakes from the Japanese, and man does it work!!!

Basically how you want your pancake is to be is evenly cooked, no burnt edges, fluffy and moist!  Depends on your preference, you can have thick or thin pancakes.

To start off you need:

pancake batter
non-stick teflon pan
cover for your pan
wet cloth

My favorite brand of hotcake mix is Maya.  I've actually NEVER made hotcake from flour, I don't know a good recipe for it and Maya seems to be just delicious!

Start off by heating your pan on high heat.  Once the pan is hot, press the bottom of the pan on a wet cloth to cool evenly the bottom.

Not for health reasons or anything, with a teflon plan, you don't really need butter, but you can also do so, but make sure it's not too much.  What I do is I melt the butter on the pan and wipe it with tissue paper to evenly coat the pan.

The goal here is to make sure that when the batter touches the pan, it will not cook the edges right away, making the heat even all over until you're finished pouring in the batter; if you skip this step, then you'll end up with a hotcake looking like this:

Burnt edges and uneven cooking of the pancake.

Put the pan back into the pan, turn the fire to medium low heat then slowly pour in the batter.  Wait for a little while til the hotcake bubbles up, that's when you know the other side is done.

At this point, you can flip it, and voila!

After flipping it, you just need to cover it til the bottom side is done to keep the moisture in then you're done!

Put butter, peanut butter, slices of bananas and pancake syrup! :D  Enjoy!

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