Thursday, September 29, 2011

Puto w/ Cheese

The recent, make that, typhoon has made cooking a challenge. With nothing to do at home, (no electricity, no cellphone signal, no landline and basically howling winds... what is a cook to do?)

Well, find something to cook in the steamer of course!

With no electronic communication whatsoever, the day felt like the longest day of the year! Of course the kids were complaining. (a monopoly board came in handy) and aside from feeling you were in an isolated cabin in the woods, staying at home while checking if your roof is still intact is not too bad.

sooo... anyway, here's the puto recipe (to those not living in the Philippines, Puto is a native steamed rice cake)

You'll need:

2 cups rice flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 teaspoon baking powder
2 cups coconut milk or fresh milk
1 cup white sugar
1 180g Cheddar cheese (for topping)

Sift rice flour, salt, baking powder and sugar in a bowl. Add the milk and mix till well blended (no lumps)

place in puto cups (if you don't have them, you can pour into a cake pan and then slice like pizza when done -- so you'll have triangles instead of round puto)--- I do this when I am extra lazy to pour into the molds.... hehehehe

steam them in a steamer for 20-30 minutes. After they are done,turn off heat and top with cheese and leave in steamer for a 1 minute (for the cheese to melt). let it cool and enjoy!

 Some people prefer salted egg on the puto (you can put it if you want) or putting the cheese in when you pour the batter (to each his own). I like my cheese on the top, melted and oozing down the side. (YUM YUM)

In any case, the recipe is for you to play around with if you like. If you are wondering if you can replace the rice flour with regular flour.... the answer is a big fat NO!

I tried that once and the puto tasted terrible! Coconut milk (if you can get it) will make it more luscious but if you don't have it, you can use milk (like I did) and the taste won't suffer. For those in other countries, I think you can get rice flour in your local asian food store. This is quite nice to serve to guests as appetizers or an afternoon snack. (you can call it a Philippine muffin). If you have leftover rice flour... you can use it to make the radish cake in our previous posts.

So, I leave you to this mouthwatering recipe... my puto and coffee is waiting for me.

P.S. - if you like it fluffier, you can try whipping 4 egg whites and then folding it in the batter before steaming it. (I just want it to cook fast so I can eat it right away.... hahahaha)

PPS - For those living in manila, you can source the puto cups and the rice flour in CHOCOLATE LOVER. Flour and all other ingredients you'll need is all there. (cheaper too!) click HERE for their website

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